Chapman’s Hell

Jake and Dinos Chapman are brothers who create art together, that often involve gore, adding to other artworks, and creating other realities. In this pieces, they recreate the meaning of death  by using pieces of high stimulation. They look at the base of Christianity, and by the very first principle, Christianity exists by the killing of the son of God, the highest deity, the highest form of murder.

“Empathy is about suffering without suffering.”

This work tests how far people can go. The glass that the works are behind, people have to engage with the pieces by stepping in closer in order to see the piece. However, with this barrier, you are able to cry things that you wouldn’t normally cry at, and laugh at things that you shouldn’t laugh at. Jake Chapman describes the work as “violently pessimistic” and “works of art that do not just passively attach themselves to ideas of idealism.”

Sources: The Guardian

Source: guim,  cvltnation,  strawdogs,  inverted-audio,  cdn2.jakeanddinoschapman,  pinimg,  inverted-audio

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