Vanessa Beecroft

Soft, whispery moans greets you as you walk through the door into a room filled with women in various states of dress, with singular pieces of material. Each of these women are posed, as though they are one of the great statues. Some of these women are completely bare, some with thin material covering their whole body, and other women have the material slightly draped over them. Throughout the video of the performance, you are able to view some of these women moving ever so slightly, as though to shift their arm more comfortably, creating eeriness as the statues move. As they move, the breathy moans and sounds become louder and more distinct. This piece almost hails and worships the female body, but also leave the women very vulnerable, due to the physical state that they are in. This has been done in various rooms and settings, all with a large number of women within the performance.

I was initially slightly creeped out by the soundtrack of the performance, and shocked at the women. When looking again at this specific piece, there was a certain beauty and tranquillity to the women slowly moving, matching the breathy tones in the room. To my surprise, there was no sexual tension that I thought there would be, but rather a soft blanket of peace.

2 thoughts on “Vanessa Beecroft

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