Guitar Performance

During the performance

I feel that my nervous and uncomfortable feelings showed to the audience through my lack of guitar playing. During the performance, however, it was almost as if I didn’t care and I was very much in the moment. Unplanned, I started singing and humming as this is what I would naturally do while playing the guitar. This added a large personal element that wasn’t initially thought about for the performance.

After the performance

I was still very nervous after the performance, however I was happier as it was over. The comments about it included that it was uncomfortable yet somewhat beautiful the sneak peek that they had into my personal life – like they were able to join in with me ‘singing in the shower’. There was also a comment about the beautiful nature of the whole group singing in the middle of the art department – it is not usually a natural thing, however it seemed so at that moment in time. This was an element that I am to take forward into next weeks work.


4 thoughts on “Guitar Performance

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