Performance to Film

From the performance, I wanted to recreate the moment that was made in the performance when the audience and myself were singing along to Someone Like You. This was a somewhat surreal moment as this is not something naturally done in the middle of the art department.

For this, I asked friends and family to sing and mouth along to their favourite and most meaningful songs in strange, or personal places. This included the songs of; Earthquake (Tiny Tempah and Labriynth), Someone Like You (Adele) and Changed the Way You Kissed Me (Example), and the locations of my mothers’ car, RUSU and down by the lake on campus. My mother also partook in this, and this generational gap, especially as she knew the words, was very motivational for me to partake in the video piece. This generational gap also allowed sentimentality within the piece, which makes it very much more personal for me, such as some of the songs within the piece to others. I also wanted to capture the singing as though I am a spectator in their lives, much like the artists Martin ParrMarc Isaacs and John Smith.

My plan is to mash these together into a five minute film, which when displayed, will be an interactive piece. There is no particular order that which I would like the clips to be placed, however I will have to listen to the songs to determine matching beats and lyrics. When people enter the room, they will do so knowing that they have to sing along to at least one of the songs that are played. If I had more time, I would like to be able to narrate a story of someone’s life, perhaps my own, influenced by John Akomfrah and his works.

While editing the film, I had to use several layers – more than I am used to. This made the process more complicated than originally thought as I accidentally kept deleting parts when adding new clips and audio in. This made editing tricky, however I utilised the maximum space available to edit in Adobe Premiere Pro. I was happy with the overall edit, even though I would have preferred to create something more along the lines of a 20 minute feature film.


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