The Old Man in the Moonlight

The Old Man in the Moonlight is a traditional Chinese story in which a traveller came upon an old man sitting beside the road, with a bad, reading a book in the moonlight. The traveller asked what was in the bag and the old man told him that it was full of red cords that are used to tie people together whom are destined to marry. Once these people are tied, there is no way in which they are able to avoid marriage, and revealed to the traveller that he had already tied him to a wife. Soon after, the traveller met the wife whom he had been tied to, and they were married.

For the Chinese, and sometimes in Western culture, this is the reason as to why matchmakers are sometimes called an “Old Man in the Moonlight”.

As someone who somewhat believes in destiny and the thought of someone bringing two people together, this story is a beautiful way to tie these together. The use of the honest, and seemingly harmless old man is a peaceful depiction of the character that plays with marriage, and ultimately love.

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