Zui Lang Man De Shi – The Most Romantic Thing

Zui Lang Man De Shi, or The Most Romantic Thing, is a romantic Chinese song by Cyndi Shaw. Without mentioning the word love, in either English or Chinese, Shaw manages to portray an image of what people want from love; a perfect, happy ending. It is to portray that those who can grow old with their beloved one, will feel the most happiness of their life.

Back to back, sitting on a rug,
Listening to music, talking about our dreams
I hope, you will be even softer and more gentle over time,
And you hope, I’m the one that is in your heart
I said I wanted to give you a romantic dream,
Thank you for taking me to paradise,
I am not afraid if it take my whole life,
I cherish every moment with you,
I know what I want romantic is,
It is to grow old with you,
Smiling along the journey,
From walking, to sitting in a rocking chair, just talking,
I know what I want romantic is,
It is to grow old with you,
Until we both have grey hair, and we can no longer walk,
I still, want for you, to be the treasure of my heart.

Above is one of many translations of the lyrics into English, however the background of the song is hazy, with no clear explanation of how this song came about. I enjoyed listening to this song as the vocals were very relaxing, even if the instrumentals were slightly strange. Personally, it reminded me of something that Mariah Carey could produce.

2 thoughts on “Zui Lang Man De Shi – The Most Romantic Thing

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