Moonlight Dawn Experiments

Once I got comments back on Moonlight Dawn, I decided to experiment with some of the suggestions on that piece, before designing a new one. One variation I decided to play with was the use of more Chinese music within the piece, as a background to the audio piece, and as an experiment of sound. After comments on Moonlight Dawn, I decided that I wanted more of a connection to Chinese opera and Chinese music. I added in more of the music that was found for the last piece, and adapted this to fit in with the speech and movements.

Playing around with the lengths of clips and mixing them together was interesting. This experiment video is sometimes particularly loud, and I would thus have to change that in editing. The progression of one clip to another, each that has been edited individually, has been covered by the speech, however this also partners well. I feel as though I would benefit using sound throughout the video. This also connects back into Untitled [Singing Film], and the use of music.

I also decided to play around with adding in clips from Chinese operas that I found on YouTube, in order to gain a sense of what it could look like as a final piece, and to have an experiment with video. I decided not to completely fade my own video completely out, as I often found that this would overlay straight onto another actors face. This effect also allowed audience concentration on images vary between the black and white Chinese opera, and the colour of my mask and actions, while also allowing the contrast between the both to be shown. These clips are from Butterfly Fairy TaleEnglish Monkey King and Lady White Snake.

I found matching the clips difficult with the speech, and especially that of the music in the background. It was also difficult to find clips within the operas that kept with the theme of having a single character within the grasp of romance. The clips that I found, I felt were appropriate for the video, and worked well in black and white. Colour contrasts kept the interest of the viewer and also showed the viewer what was myself, and what I had appropriated from other sources.

I then decided to mix these together to see the final effect of adding both more music, and Chinese opera clips. This was to ensure that there was a connection to the opera, rather than just having a Chinese-style mask and hairstyle.

I found this to be very effective and to convey my ideas across clearer than before. As these are simply small experiments, I would like to look further into clips that I can use, that fit in better with the themes. As in the second experiment, the constant of the colour, with the sporadic black and white clips, keeps the audience interested in the video.

In my next video, I would like to add all of these elements together; Chinese music, and clips of Chinese opera, in a shorter and more concise story, lasting around three minutes long.

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