Moonlight Cord Experiments

I decided to re-record my performance part for Moonlight Cord, as I had found I was a little nervous performing this time round. This then meant that my movements were smaller and more controlled, rather than the large, loose movements that I wanted to feature in the final product. I eventually found that I preferred the original video much better than the other two that I recorded, and therefore uploaded the original as my final piece for this project.

When recording this version, I was happier with the movements as they were more exaggerated. I wasn’t happy, however with the way in which this was recorded as I feel very much a second thought, being half way down the screen most of the time. This also meant that my face often did not match with those in the clips, unlike the original Moonlight Cord. It did, on the other hand, allow the audience to view the whole of the screen, as there was actions in all parts, as you were able to see the full extent of many of my movements. There was no slips of the camera either, unlike in the original version where you are able to see another person’s piece.

Within this version, I decided to record it in a different place, which unfortunately had less space. This meant that it was cramped between the camera and myself. The lack of space did mean that I was able to encompass the whole of the camera shot. On the other hand, it also meant that I came off camera shot a lot. This included my hands and a large part of my head at several points. I have also decided not to choose this version as my hair was loose, which is made very obvious at several points.

I had also accidentally left the beginning part of the film in, where it is supposed to be blacked out. I only realised this when I saw it played on my laptop through YouTube, which was a different screen to which I edited on. I decided to keep this as part of the piece as it showed the behind the scenes footage that you may not be able to see otherwise. I am also unsure as to whether this will actually show up when the video is displayed, but I have left that to chance.

Overall, I enjoyed the majority of this project and also where it has led me to. I did not think that I would do so many films, however through the process I have become very fast at proficient at editing each film. The fact that the films themselves got progressively shorter also helped this. I also enjoyed the whole aspect of Chinese opera as this is not completely conventional in Western culture, and I felt somewhat privileged that I was able to immerse myself in a small part of their culture.

Finally, I have decided to display the first of Moonlight Cord as I feel that this was the best interpretation to the themes I have produced through my work. I showed each version in varying orders to several people and they all commented that the original version was quicker, with better camera angles and editing. For more detail on this, visit my Artist Statement.

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