Pole GoPro Experiments

When viewing the videos on large LCD TV’s, I started to notice small imperfections in the background. This included a couple of times in which you could see someone on their phone, taking a photo clearly of another person on a different pole. I decided to edit these parts out in order to get a smooth transition between each part of the video.

Watching the videos on the larger screens, I also noticed the different ways of seeing. This was noticeable in Untitled [Close Pole], in which you were watching a screen, which showed me, watching myself. However, you could also see the view of the GoPro at several points, giving yet another point of view. The different way of seeing pole fitness can also be seen through the footage itself, as outlined in Movement and The Human Body and Untitled [A Pole GoPro Film].

Through further editing, I also added in breathing to extra emphasise the hard work  that it takes to do over a consecutive minute of pole fitness. I have been learning pole fitness for around a year and a half, and during this time the exercise has been very tough, and this is what I want the piece to portray.

These alterations where place into Untitled [Pole GoPro] in order to create the full effect, with all sound effects, on one video.

Alterations were also made on Untitled [Head Pole] and Untitled [Close Pole], for viewing on two separate screens, and different audio surrounding you on both sides.

These once again came together in a new version of Untitled [Pole], which gave a more intrusive and layered look into visual perception and pole fitness.


8 thoughts on “Pole GoPro Experiments

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