Jana Sterbak

Jana Sterbak looks at the themes of power, control, seduction, sexuality and the turn to technology to transcend physicality. Her artistic vision has said to have been influenced by a Marxist/Leninist educational system and a childhood in Prague.

Her works are often sculptural, including the use of the human body and every-day objects to portray a sense of the absurd and a vision of the darker forces that appear within her life. These sculptural forms often take garment-like constructions, including that of wire mesh dresses with uninsulated nickelchrome wire wrapped around it. This particular piece portrays how uncomfortable Sterbak feels, and challenges identity.

These garments have also taken on technological aspects. Remote Control is a large hoop dress, however the performer must place themselves into a canvas panty at the centre of the garment. Their movements are therefore determined by a remote control which is held and controlled by a male, with a female performer. The cage-like continuation of her work alludes to the imprisoning effects of technological innovation. (Art History)

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