Untitled [Pole Projections]

I bought together the idea of Untitled Collection and the audio of Spoken Poem in order to create a more directed video to display during the performance of my thoughts and ideas of The Male Gaze and Voyeurism, and also Feminism. I recorded myself saying the Spoken Poem with red lipstick on in order to highlight the speech when it come up on screen. I mixed these with black and white clips of Suffragettes marching that were filmed in the 1900’s, and have recently been speed corrected and put onto YouTube. I also placed small clips of myself doing pole with sports gear on, to highlight the sports aspect of the performance, not just the stripper aspect.

I ensured that at some point, one of the videos would be playing, to ensure that not all the attention is on me, and that the audience are viewing other aspects and seeing different reasons for why I am there. These three projections, for the performance, are projected onto two walls and a blacked out window.

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