Feminist Poems [15 Minute] Audio

I decided to bring all the aspects together that I preferred from Feminist Poem 1 Audio, 2 SpeakersFeminist Poem 2 Audio, 3 Speakers and Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers including; 4 speakers in a medium sized room, the audio circling around the room to create disorientation, something uncomfortable, and also the audio making an ‘invisible sculpture’ within the space. I was able to mix all three of the poems together into a longer audio piece, which successfully worked around a room, bouncing back and forth between each other. There was no documentation of this, as I did not want to capture or destroy the atmosphere that this created. I did, however, find that the piece was very ‘squished’ together, meaning that the poems came in quick succession, and I felt that this detracted from them.

1 thought on “Feminist Poems [15 Minute] Audio

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