UV DSCN Merge Pole

I decided to merge and edit in a different way after Strobe Merge Pole, by using the three videos of UV DSCN. These were all filmed with the same camera in the same position, and it was therefore very quick to ensure each of the videos somewhat ‘lined up’ with each other to create a coherent video. I enjoyed this edit much more compared to cutting between different cameras, as at all points you are able to see all three of performers, but they all come in and out of the primary, brighter position. The constant movement of all three bodies keeps the viewer completely occupied, without being too overwhelming. The use of one of the videos containing the extra fabric on the limbs gives the added sense of movement within the space, again without being too heavy on the viewer. With this being in UV, it almost adds a mysterious aspect to the piece.

When adding the audio Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers to the piece, it was found that it matched the visuals here better, compared to other, earlier merging edits. There was still no link to the pole within the audio, however this was because of the nature of the audio, rather than the completed video as a whole.

If this piece were to be created again, I would have ensured that I was in an entirely dark space, with the UV light moved so that there is no blue or purple hue in the corner of the video. I would also have chosen a different audio, perhaps the original audio used in Pole PerformanceSpoken Poem, as this was more fitting with the pole theme and feminism.


3 thoughts on “UV DSCN Merge Pole

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