Displaying Light Pole Videos

I was still unsure as to what I wanted to do as part of my summative piece, and I still had the choice between a video and a performance. I particularly enjoyed working and manipulating the new element of light in Silent Light Pole Videos [UV] and Silent Light Pole Videos [Strobe]. I played around with the display of these, using corners, walls, and TVs to determine whether I could further manipulate the space that this is in, or whether they are works that belong on a flat screen.

I firstly looked at the use of an LCD TV screen, and found that the use of the screen with the lights on reflected much of the surrounding room. When turning the lights off, this made a large impact to the screen, and meant that you could not see the surroundings. I did find, however, that the TV did ‘dull down’ the brightness of the piece, and you were able to concentrate more on the light behind in the video, especially compared to a computer screen.

This led me onto using a projector in multiple places, manipulating the images in corners of rooms, and on different walls. There was an installation in a corner of the room, whereupon I placed the projection – this caused a zigzag bend, and had contorted the image. This contortion was also seen in another corner of the room, and where it was also projected over a shelving area. Although these manipulation of the projection were very fun, and interesting to look at and watch, there was also an element of unnecessary confusion. It is because of this unnecessary confusion and complexity of displaying the video in the corner of the room, that I wish to display them on a flat, and plain wall for a possible final performance.

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