Silent UV Pole Videos [Take 2]

Much like in Silent Light Pole Videos [UV], and Silent Light Pole Videos [Strobe], I edited the second set of UV videos, to cut out the sound and the beginning and end parts, to see their full effect. Doing this, I was also able to determine which parts were my favourite, and also which moves looked better on camera.

The first set of videos were captured using a different camera compared to last time. This camera was able to keep up with the UV light much better, and gave a crisper image. The clothing, which was being lit up by UV, was still very bright, however I believe that this particular camera was on the same side as the UV light, meaning that this was the brightest side of the clothing. It is also particularly bright because the rest of the room has been darkened out to the best of my ability, which gives a very high contrast. I still enjoy this eerie glow, as it give a glimpse of the rest of the body if you look very carefully.

The next set of videos were captured from a slightly different angle, while using one of the same cameras as used in Sound to Light. This camera was able to keep up with the UV light and the movement of myself on the pole. I found that the angle that the camera was at, it gave no extra information about where my body was – you could only see the clothes that were being lit up. The pole was occasionally lit, which brings you back to the ground, as you are able to understand that my body is simply not floating. Specifically within the first four videos, you are not able to see the extremities of my hands and feet, which does make the video very disorientating and confusing. I preferred the last video, where you are able to determine more of what I am doing on the pole. The extra slips of fabric give four floating patches which can confuse you further.

On both sets, such that has been said before, I feel like I preferred the last videos as it allowed the viewing of the movement of the extremities, which is a key aspect of pole and shows the manipulation of space better compared to the other performances.

2 thoughts on “Silent UV Pole Videos [Take 2]

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