Pole Performance Videos

Using all the elements that I have edited both previously, and from the most recent UV videos, I felt that I had created my final videos to go on the projectors within my performance.

I initially used the full audio, altering the speed of the audio, as experimented in Sound Manipulation UV Pole [Take 2]. I used elements from UV DSCN Merge PoleSilent UV Pole Videos [Take 2] and Untitled [Pole Projections], while manipulating the speed of each clip, including reversing the speed. I was not completely happy with these, as I clearly did not check on some elements within the black and white clips, nor did I factor in the light within the background of the UV DSCN Merge Pole clip. Because I did not initially notice these within the clips, they are throughout the ones below. I also completed two videos for each alteration that I made, as I need one for each projector that will be displaying on the white walls in the room.

Within the Alternative Audio, I began mixing the audio between the two videos, to try and get it matched up, such as in Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers. I found it very difficult to work with right and left speaker as this is not necessarily something that I have had to do before. Within Feminist Poem [Extended] Audio, I used four different speakers with four different videos and audio tracks playing at once, so I did not have to manipulate the audio to left and right within a single video. I also found that because I was switching between two different videos, I was not able to get the correct timing of some elements, creating the occasional overlap. This was admittedly not my best edit, however I was not prepared to let this one falter me.

Even thought the videos had its faults that I did not check while editing, I continued to create two videos with the surround sound effects. I ensured that the audio would come separately out of the two speakers, creating the effect that someone is walking around the room. Until the day, I do not know whether I would want to use this version, or more simplistic audio, and so I went ahead with the editing. I found that the use of the left and right audio to be very effective, even when it is four speakers split between two different videos.

I finally created a video that mixed the two Alternative Audio Surround videos, and altered the audio so that it sat a four different places. This is especially noticeable with headphones on. The layering of the images allowed me to see what was was going at one point, and showed that the videos were very busy and had minimal gaps – I wasn’t sure whether I wanted more gaps but it did seen very full when playing. Some of the visuals still did not match with the audio, however I found entranced with how the visuals were constantly changing. This change was fast enough so that you would not get bored, but it was long enough to gain a perspective of what you were looking at.

Although I believed these videos to be successful, I did find that I was concentrating on the past of feminism a lot, and did not have any references to more modern feminism. When watching the videos, once I had noticed a lack of this element, I found it strange, and felt like the videos needed this extra element that I have talked so much about, including in Women’s Vote: 100 Years and Waves of Feminism. This is why I decided to edit the videos one last time, to add the element of modern feminism, and to extend the beginning and end, so that it gives me a clear entrance and exit in the performance. I also wanted to correct the elements that I had not noticed when I first edited and exported these videos, to ensure that they were of higher quality for the performance.

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