Tino Sehgal

Tino Sehgal can be considered a choreographer, organising performances that are the ‘dance for museum settings’. His performances are organised wholes, bringing large groups of people together, often in order to break the fourth wall. In the Tate, Sehgal directed people to sing in harmonic chorus with each other, walking backwards through the large Turbine Hall. These performers then broke the fundamental fourth wall between themselves and the audience, coming into conversation with them. This break in the fourth wall was intense for those who experienced it, and the audience were confused, bewildered and unsure how to act.

Using the experience of breaking the fourth wall and making those watching feel uncomfortable, he is able to choreograph very interesting and captivating performances.

Sehgal does not document his own work, but rather lets the audience do this if they so wish. One of the main elements of being at a performance of his, is to be present, to have the full effect of the uncomfortable upon you.

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