Painting Experiments

As I had never worked with oil paint before now, I decided that I needed to get some experience in using them, and did experimentations before each new part of the painting process.


I have never worked with oil paints before and so this was just testing the waters. Here I have experimented with blue oil paint and turpentine to ‘water down’ the paint.


This was a quick interpretation of another person’s conceptual text that they received. I used acrylic paints for this as not only were they more readily available, but I also find then easier to control, especially in situations such as these.


Experimentation of the sky/background of the painting using oil paints, turpentine and paper. Is was very hard to control and water down and I was very worried that it would appear dark on the canvas. It ended up being easier to control on the canvas as it did not soak up the paint or the turpentine as quick as the paper.


These are the general experiments that I did before starting to paint the trees on the canvas.


The top experimentation was how I was used to doing trees – very rough and long brush strokes. I did have to YouTube how to paint evergreen trees in oil paint as this is an experience that I have not yet had. The smaller trees are the experimentations that I did during the video. Source:


Large tree experimentation. I decided to do a larger tree in order to determine whether I could do the same style of tree painting on larger trees, for example, the size that I wish to do on the canvas.


Palette during painting. I used various colours to create the depth and atmosphere in the forest.

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