Untitled [Top Pole]

These videos were captured using a clamp and my phone at the very top of the pole. Capturing video this way was a new experience for me, and I made the mistake of thinking that the phone would last for 20 minutes the first time I videoed. Sadly, my phone only lasted 5 of these minutes, but luckily I had also used the camera on the floor, meaning I had almost an hour of footage by the time I had finished. With using my phone up here, I also had to use the ladder to get up and down – this wore me out, but it was less than climbing up the pole itself.

Like in Untitled [Floor Pole], the first edit I used had the breathing from Pole GoPro Experiments, which I did late last year. I also made this the same length as Untitled [Floor Pole], so then when displaying it, there would not be random stopping times. Throughout these videos, I did find it difficult to get a so say ‘nice’ angle for the camera, due to the clamp that I was using. I tried my best however, and I was happy with the results. I also extended this version.

Once again, I added the Spoken Poem to the video, and extended the length so that the three Untitled films could be shown at the same time.

As previously mentioned, I felt that there could have been a better camera angle to capture the footage, however I did find that I concentrated on the mat. This was somewhat better so that there would be no other distractions, and often it would be concentrating on my body, rather than my face. This reduction of the person to the body is something that The Male Gaze and Voyeurism look at, which allows my work to link into this even further.

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