Untitled Collection Projections

Following on from Untitled Collection I decided to project in various ways while doing a small performance on the pole. This was recorded from two different angles in order to see three videos that were projected onto three out of the four walls in the room.

Initially I tried to fit two projections next to each other on the same wall. This caused several problems including that of the projectors at my eye level while I was on the pole. The blinded me a couple of times, and I felt like I stuttered. Because being on the pole takes a lot of concentration, this was very distracting. I also found that the projections overlap each other on the wall. Although this was annoying, the effect that it created ended up being very interesting; the new videos of pole and red lips, and then the old videos of the Suffragettes.

I then decided to play with the two projectors on opposite walls. I found this to be much nicer on my eyes, as the projectors were at a level that they were not shining into them. It also allowed those viewing the performance to see the videos no matter where they stood. The projections were centred more onto the wall than myself, which also meant that you could see more of the video, and myself performing separately.

When projecting three videos onto three of these walls, there was a large emphasis of movement, especially between the videos and myself, the movement I was making and also the movement of the shadows that were being cast. I preferred this out of the three different projection types as I felt that it was able to get across my message in the best way. I also liked this set up as the viewer was able to see videos and shadows no matter where they stood.

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