Pussyhat Project

“The Pussyhat Project is a social movement focused on raising awareness about women’s issues and advancing human rights by promoting dialogue and innovation through the arts, education and intellectual discourse. The Pussyhat is a symbol of support and solidarity for women’s right and political resistance.” (Pussyhat Project)

The Project brings itself into women’s marches, giving a physical, and very obvious symbol for something so powerful and important. This began as an accessible platform for participation as one of the co-creators was not able to attend a march last year due to recovery from a serious accident. It therefore gives “visibility to the invisible and voice to the voiceless. Its beauty is that anyone, anywhere can participate. There are so many reasons why someone may not be able to march: medical, financial, or scheduling to name a few… With this project, many women are able to create something to support the women’s movement”(Pussyhat Project), including knitting, marching or simply wearing a pink hat.

I wish to use some of the inspiration that the movement has given people to create, within my performance, to show that the feminist movement, and the fight for equality is still going strong, and that people have not given up in the 21st Century.


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