Silent Light Pole Videos [Strobe]

I wanted to manipulate the original Strobe Light videos that were displayed in Sound to Light. All of these had a backing of Feminist Poem 3 Audio, 4 Speakers, which I used for timings on the pole, and also partial set up of each performance. I cut the clips in order for them to only show the performance. I also deleted the sound within the video, which gives an eerie silence to each of them.

Within Strobe 00 and Phone Strobe 00, the camera struggled to focus with the constant strobe lighting, much like it struggled within Silent Light Pole Videos [UV]. As the majority of the footage is blurry, it makes it even more difficult to determine the figure in the videos. I am unsure as to whether it makes these specific clips more successful or not, but I do know that this is not what I envisioned for the piece to look like.

In Strobe DSCN, there was a pillar and two doorways in the background. Although I did not realise this when filming, it was interesting to see the effect of the strobe light on the opposite side of my body. In the other ‘DSCN’ videos, there is a clearer definition when you are able to see the performance compared to the ’00’ footage. This is what I wanted to achieve within the clips of the performance. The use of the black top and shorts also clearly defined the body against both the white and the black backgrounds. Within these videos, however, you can still see that the camera struggles with the strobe light, which made the videos less successful in terms of a full flash. The use of the part flash, on the other hand, gives another perspective of the work, and a certain dash of unpredictability, as you are never sure what you will be able to see next, and when. This highlights the manipulation of space within the work.

4 thoughts on “Silent Light Pole Videos [Strobe]

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